Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter 3rd November

Well, we are into November already which means the silly season is not far away. 54 Days actually. You really wanted to know that didn’t you?

There are a few announcements in this newsletter so make sure you read to the end. If you are sick of my ramblings and hit the delete key then that’s OK, just don’t tell me. I might get offended (Joke!!)

Monday 29th November: Club Birthday Morning Tea. 10:30 to 12:00 Special guest Gurmesh Singh MP

How many of you knew the club is 20 years old?

On 27th August 2001 a group of people gathered at Park Beach Bowling Club to discuss the possibility of setting up a computer club specifically for seniors. The consensus was this was a good idea and Coffs Seniors Computer Club was duly formed and incorporated on 25th March 2002. At the first meeting there were 33 members. Of the founding members only Nola Woods is still active in the club.

We will be having morning tea in the hall to celebrate our 20th birthday. A little late but you can blame the COVID-19 lockdown for that. Gurmesh Singh will be our special guest. He has been a great supporter of the club and was instrumental in the club receiving a $6000 grant from the NSW government to purchase new equipment.

Monday 6th December: The last meeting for 2021

It’s been a very short year this year. Hopefully 2022 will be pretty much normal and the pandemic will be history. No set start date for 2022 yet but we usually go back when school goes back, probably 7th February.

Tuesday 7th December: Christmas Lunch Park Beach Surf Club 12:00

Our Christmas lunch will be at the Park Beach Surf Club, 23 Surf Club Road, Coffs Harbour

Time: 12:00pm

Cost: $25.00 for financial members, $33.00 non members.

You MUST be fully vaccinated to be allowed entry to the venue (Subject to change)

Final numbers by Monday 29th November!!

Contact Kerin Merat 0481 097 221

$10.00 deposit (or full payment) at time of booking


Monster Raffle at Sunday Markets

Details and date still being worked out. Stay tuned!

E-Mail Workshop, Monday 8th November

How many of our members really know how to use E-Mail. It’s one of those things we all take for granted but how many people can spot a spam E-Mail for instance. This workshop will run for about 1 1/2 hours and is device independent. Doesn’t matter if your using E-Mail on a Windows laptop, iPhone or Android tablet the principles are still the same.

Proposed content:

  • Spam E-Mails
  • Removing your address from marketing lists (Junk mail)
  • Adding addresses to your contacts
  • Copy and Blind Copy and privacy issues
  • E-Mail etiquette
  • Adding and saving attachments

To get an idea of numbers, can you please fill in the form below.

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