Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter 25th January 2022

Welcome to the 2022 Year, First Meeting Monday, 7th February

Welcome to the 2022 year for the Coffs Seniors Computer Club. Our new year is scheduled to start on Monday, 7th February. Not sure what sort of year we are going to have. I cannot speak for anyone else but I am feeling a bit uneasy whenever I venture out and mingle with other people, even though I am fully vaccinated (including booster). Here’s hoping the medical experts are correct and this is a surge in infections which will pass soon.

How likely are you to attend meetings?

With the current rate of COVID-19 in the general community and that a large percentage of the population is voluntarily locking down, the club committee would appreciate some feedback from our members. We need at least 25 members to attend each meeting to cover the cost of hiring Cavanbah Hall.

Can you please fill in this survey form to provide us with feedback.

Have we got your correct contact details?

One very hard lesson we learnt during the lockdowns of the last 2 years is there were quite a few mistakes in our membership register. A lot of these mistakes were typos made when reading handwritten forms. You can assist us to maintain accurate records by filling in this Membership Contact Details form.

COVID-19 Information from NSW Health

If it’s any consolation, have a look at this graph. I have been tracking hospitalisation rates, ICU and deaths since 10th December as these are the only accurate figures these days. Fingers crossed, it looks like hospitalisation rates have hit a plateau and are now declining.

That’s all Folks! See you on the 7th February.


Ian Scott

6 thoughts on “Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter 25th January 2022”


    Thanks for your news letter Ian. Sorry I won’t be there on the 7th as I’m away but I will be the following week.

  2. I hope to attend but will depend on my recovery from latest hip operation. We are due for our booster shot on Feb 8th.

  3. Elisabeth Edwards

    Sometimes I will not be able to attend due to my Landcare commitments but mostly I will come. I am in charge of a team which works on Mondays but they are knowledgeable and trustworthy. It is if we get a new member that I will need to be away for a couple of weeks

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