Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter – 23rd September

The Club is restarting on Monday 11th October

We’re Baaack!! Almost

At our Committee meeting on Monday morning we have planned our restarting date as Monday 11th October, that’s the Monday after the October long weekend. Assuming of course we don’t end up in lockdown again!

We are still sorting out some minor details related to social distancing. So there may be some changes to the way our normal classes are organised and scheduled. Under the current rules masks are mandatory indoors and we need to obey the one person per four square metres rule.

Feedback Please

Are we providing the right courses? Do you feel you are being left behind in our modern online world? Is this a scam E-Mail?

At every committee meeting when the discussion about what courses to comes up, we end up second guessing what we think our members want. Can you please fill in the form below. The tentative list of courses or workshops is by no means definitive, more an indicator of how we might structure our courses. As technology marches on phones and tablets are gradually becoming the dominate technology. That’s not to say laptops are going away anytime soon!

7 thoughts on “Coffs Seniors Computer Club Newsletter – 23rd September”

  1. I think it has gotten to the point that people who come to the Senior s Computer Club should be fully vacanated .

  2. I enjoy all aspects of my class with Garry also the group of other people in the group the social aspect is very important.

  3. Pauline Campbell

    The social as well as learning here at Seniors computer groups is so much enjoyed & appreciated

  4. I am also in Garry’s apple class finding it very informative and enjoy the social friends I have made means a lot.

  5. Marie Hargraves

    Looking forward so much to getting back to some “normal life”. Love the social,learning and sharing of the Computer Club. Let’s hope there will be no more lock downs.

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