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This is another test post to test integration between WordPress and Facebook using IFTTT.
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According to /The Sydney Morning Herald <edm.crikey.com.au/e/272522/ronavirus-20210302-p576yw-html/gn5qnc/848865800?h=CzzjFQs-kNqwvfnf6dnaXg1PAaACEebKG4FozMARx2g>/, a new Lowy Institute report finds that a whopping one in five Chinese-Australians report being physically threatened or attacked because of their heritage over the past year, with most blaming the global pandemic and the breakdown in relations between Australia and China.
In other racism news, /The New Daily/ <edm.crikey.com.au/e/272522/ieg-division-australia-terror-/gn5qnf/848865800?h=CzzjFQs-kNqwvfnf6dnaXg1PAaACEebKG4FozMARx2g>reports that British neo-Nazi group Sonnenkrieg Division will become the first right-wing group to be formally listed as a terrorist organisation.
Elsewhere, SBS investigates <edm.crikey.com.au/e/272522/on-australian-neo-nazi-account/gn5qnh/848865800?h=CzzjFQs-kNqwvfnf6dnaXg1PAaACEebKG4FozMARx2g> how a neo-Nazi was able to use Telegram to gain thousands of followers after uploading a video of himself punching a black security guard at Channel Nine. The assault, which led to two arrests <edm.crikey.com.au/e/272522/ly-abused-20210302-p5778d-html/gn5qnk/848865800?h=CzzjFQs-kNqwvfnf6dnaXg1PAaACEebKG4FozMARx2g>, occurred ahead of the airing of a segment by/A Current Affair,/ into “homegrown extremists”.
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