Welcome to 2023

Our First Meeting 6th February

Is it just me or does the calendar whiz past at a faster rate each year we get older! Our first meeting for calendar year 2023 will be next Monday, 6th February starting at 9:00am and finishing at 11:00am in Cavanbah Hall, 191 Harbour Drive.

Extraordinary General Meeting 13th February

Your committee has decided to call an Extraordinary General Meeting to be held on the 13th February (second week back). The purpose of this meeting is to outline proposed changes to our annual membership fees and daily visit fees

The COVID-19 pandemic threw a huge spanner into the works and financially the club has not really recovered since. Pre pandemic we had approximately 150 financial members with an average attendance or about 40 per meeting. Last year, 2022, we had 65 financial members an an average attendance of 26.

Here is a summary of our financial situation:

  • Income:
  • Average number of paying members per meeting: 26
  • Average Door fee income per meeting: $132.19
  • Average Annual fee income per meeting: $19.68
  • Total Annual and Door fee per meeting: $151.87
  • Expenses:
  • Average rent per meeting: $162.82
  • Average Insurance expense per meeting: $37.50
  • Total Rent and Insurance per meeting: $200.32
  • Deficit:
  • Total Deficit per meeting is $48.45

Proposed Fee Increases

To cover this $48 deficit the committee has proposed the following fee increases:

  • Annual Membership to increase from $15.00 to $20.00
  • Daily Door fee to increase from $5.00 to $8.00. It’s been a few years since this has changed!
  • Raffle Tickets will remain at $2.00

Thus the reason for the Extraordinary General Meeting, to get member’s feedback.

President and Vice President

Our long serving President, Mary Voutos, and Vice President, Helmut Zelno have both indicated they are standing down and will not seek re-election at our AGM on the 3rd April.

A big THANK YOU to both Mary and Helmut who kept the club alive when it almost died a few years ago (before I joined the club!).

It would be great if we had so many nominations that we have an election for both positions (wishful thinking on my part!!).

Kerin has also indicated if anyone wants to take on the secretary’s job, she will step aside.

One observation I have made from the many voluntary groups I have been involved with over the years is low turn over of committee members. Most members seam quite happy with letting a few do most of the work. I am a great believer in a regular change in committee members. Fresh eyes and fresh ideas are beneficial to any organisation.

2023 could be a make or break year for the club. A brand new committee would go a long way in making sure the club survives.

Volunteers Required

Members may not realise this but we used to hire the hall from 8:00am to 11:30am with a few members spending half an hour at the start and end of each meeting to setup and pack up. To help trim our costs we will now be hiring the hall from 8:30am to 11:00am. As the old saying goes “Many hands make light work”. We need as many members as possible to help setup tables, put out chairs etc. and pack them up when finished.

We also need a bunch of volunteers on the front desk. We will provide short training sessions so everyone is familiar with club rules and procedures. We are an equal opportunity employer so that includes you men as well. Don’t leave it all up to the ladies!!


The committee would like as much feedback from members as possible. Last year we had 77 financial members but an average attendance of 26. Pre pandemic we had about 150 financial members. We would love to know why our membership and attendance has stayed so low.

Is it one of the following:

  • Still wary of crowded spaces because of covid.
  • I have learnt enough to be more confident with technology
  • My grandkids are my first line of support!
  • Not enough social events
  • I have found a better source of support. What can we do better?

All feedback gratefully accepted! Please fill in this online form

DO NOT reply to this newsletter.

Club Constitution

For all the insomniacs out there, here is a bit of light reading

That’s about it for this newsletter.

Fingers crossed for a successful 2023!


Ian Scott 0409 766 698

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