Coffs Seniors Computer Club – Late News!

On Friday 28th January, Mary and myself (Ian) had a meeting with Tony Rothacker, the administrator of the Youngster.Co program.

You may not have heard of Youngster.Co, it’s an initiative of the Coffs Innovation Hub, a joint venture between Southern Cross University, TAFE NSW and Coffs Council. Their mission statement is:

“Youngster.Co is a certified social enterprise creating jobs for local, digital savvy youngsters helping seniors with technology”

Have a look at at this ABC iView Documentary. The first two people are Ruth from Dorrigo and one of the Youngster.Co tutors.

Their operating model is one on one tutoring. This serves two purposes, a better experience for the older person as it addresses their specific issues; and valuable interactions with older people for the young person to broaden their life skills.

The Good News!

As a trial run, Youngster.Co will be providing one on one tutoring on any topic, PC Phones iPad etc, for up to 8 people at our Monday meetings commencing the 14th February until 14th March. If the trial is successful we may be able to extend it.

If you wish to make use of this service you need to goto Youngster.Co booking form. Use this link:

Youngster.Co Booking Form

These are Youngster.Co rules, Tony needs to know in advance how many people have booked so he can make sure he has enough helpers. Don’t expect to turn up on a Monday morning and join in without booking!

NOTE: This is additional to our normal programs!

Youngster.Co provide in-home Help

One service Youngster.Co does provide is at Home sessions ($55.00 per session). If you are having problems getting your printer/scanner working or connecting your phone to your TV etc. then give Tony a call on 02 5625 0064 and book a session. All participants have current working with seniors certificates, Police checks etc.

Another reminder of our first session Monday 7th February

A final reminder! Our first meeting for 2022 is Monday 7th February. We need about 25 members to show up to cover rental on the Cavanbah Centre. If you have not already done so, can you please advice if you will be attending on the 7th. You can leave a comment on this newsletter. Or send us a message on the Contact Us page.

That’s all Folks!


Ian Scott 0409766 698

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  1. Hi Ian I would love to be there on the 7th if that is possible I am not double vaccinated for medical reasons , but had a covid test on Thursday which was negative . thanks Lynne

  2. Hi Ian will not be attending for the next 2or possibly 3 weeks until I get my Booster Jab.

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